Auto workperiod report prints for everthing

At one of my restaurants I’m having an issue with automatic workperiod report printing. I’ve set it so that when a workperiod is ended a workperiod report is automatically printed for that workperiod. I’ve done this through automation and it used to work.

Somehow suddenly it stopped working expectedly. When automation job is run the printed report is for everything since the system was installed. I can still print a workperiod report manualy. I’ve checked the trigger and action annd everything is setup fine and should work. The action for printing is set to workperiod but yet it prints for all the reports which are in the system.

What could be causing this?

Try removing the print action in your rule, save it, then close the rule

Reopen the rule and add the print action back in and set it to print the the print job you want

If that doesnt work theres probably an issue with your print job template, or someone has changed it as things dont just stop working or chanhe for no reason

Tried all that, doesn’t work. The template works fine when I print it manually,

Check the debgger to see if other rules are firing

Show screenshots of your rule with expaded actions
The action
Print job and template

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I’ve never solved this problem and now it happening at another location too.

But the ticket printed is from 01 january 0001 00:00 to today (so everything)

I really believe this is a bug @emre

Clear the Date Range parameter in the Action (leave it blank).

Remove the Action from the Rule and Save the Rule.

Add the Action back to the Rule and Save the Rule.

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That was the fix. Rather strange it would show this behaviour, one would expect it to print just the workperiode is you select the workperiod. Is this a bug or by design?

It’s a known bug that might not be fixed in V5.