Automatic add the stock and update the supplier account


Expenses and Payouts Method K: Supplier & Utility Payouts


Can We add payment when purchase to track how much pay and how much we want to debit?


Adding suppliers list when do purchase transaction

I have read through various tutorials on sambapos forum,i have not been able to find a tutorial clearly indicating how i am supposed to link up my suppliers,accounts ,warehouse,entity and inventory.
I want a situation whereby if i purchase from from customer X goods valued Y ,the system will automatically update my inventory the purchase transaction while as also update the accounts that i owe customer x goods worth value Y on his accounts.
I don’t know how this is achieved by sambapos i am unable to relate how its supposed to workout.
I will appreciate your help

im also having that problem :frowning:

Not currently. The Warehouses Screen does not allow for Partial Payment of an Invoice. You must pay the Entire Invoice.

Odd, there should be a few, or at least one that shows this. I will try to locate one or show in my next post a clear method for doing this.

This is done automatically when you have things set up properly. But again, there is no means of doing partial payment, with the rest of the Invoice to be paid later, when you use the Warehouses Screen.

The PHP Inventory System that I built can probably handle this though, because it “reverses” the flow, and does not force you to Pay at all, and you can do partial payments from different source accounts, even with different currencies.

Not sure exactly what you looking for here, Does my flow make any sense to what you are looking for? So i have Entity for suppliers which are linked to their specific accounts under supplier account type, Supplier account has 2 transaction one debits supplier account when i receive stock from supplier and the other does the opposite when i make a payment on a suppliers account.

My supplier accounts screen before Sprite is purchase

Then lets go to the warehouse and purchase some items from a supplier

Here i just got 50 bottles of sprite and 20 bottles of fanta from a supplier called ELSE ENTERPRISE at 3.5 each bottle, and we expect 175 + 70 to be debited from supplier ELSE ENTERPRISE account

Back in accounts there is our transaction with ELSE ENTERPRISE. Here we can make a part payment if we wanted to this supplier

And ELSE ENTERPRISE account will end up like this

As i said i am not sure if you looking for something in these lines or its something different all together


Good method. And yes in that flow you can make partial payments to a Supplier Account.

I guess what I was really referring to when I said we could not make partial payments, was in the Warehouse Screen.

Your method of Supplier Account payments is perfect.

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Credit goes to you @QMcKay for you great tutorials, if any one is wondering how to setup those supplier accounts, they are from this man @QMcKay SambaPOS Accounting, This software has no limits and its because of the great people in this community. Thanks Emre QMcKay Kendash and everyone out there contributing to this forum, if you dint know you are empowering most of us the entrepreneurs who intern are creating employment for many others.

i cant make this to happen, when i purchase items from a supplier i cant make that transaction to be reflected in accounts, please explain me how to.

Hi after you setup your accounts as in QMcKay tutorial here SambaPOS Accounting you can then follow how i connected the inventory to accounts

Firstly create supplier entities, as entities can be anything,
My Entity Type

For custom fields add as you would like, i added Phone filed and Address field, under Accounting select Account type as the supplier account type you in @QMcKay’s tutorial i referred you too.

Under Entities add you entities, these will be your suppliers, add as many suppliers as you like, and these will be tied to corresponding actual accounts that you created under other tutorial

If we go back a notch under accounts in QMcKay tutorial you can create these supplier accounts that will align as options under account drop down above, You can see my accounts under Accounts

Create a transaction type that triggers when you purchase stock in inventory with the equivalent of the purchase transaction. This transaction type must debit the supplier account and credit which ever account you deem fit according to you business setup. in my case

Then i edit my purchase transaction document type under inventory to link it to the right entity type and account transaction type, this will also mean every time i use my purchase transaction in inventory i will have the suppliers entities to my disposal which are linked to there respective accounts.

At this moment your purchase under inventory must force you to select supplier otherwise they will not save

Let me know where you are not clear i will be glad to help further.


Thankyou all,this is a great tutorial,i will set up my inventory the same and if i will have isues you will kindly assist

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hello i cant seem to be able to link suppliers account and accounts payable can u giuide me on how to do that
whenever i make a transaction im not able to complete it for some reason its un clickable

Show us what you made so far

Hi Brother,
When i tried to make partial payment, it is reflecting on the credit side.

I just went through the tutorial and it debited the right column, Please show us you transaction type under accounts responsible for that

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Sorry for the late reply brother. Was out of state for 3 days.
Let me check it one more time.