Automatic backup and restore module

hi @emre
just suggestion for next update i thing you need to add “automatic backup” when we click on “end work period” i thing very important thing that should sambaPOS have. so many user has forgot to do backup, when it need it its too late…like windows crash need to re-install etc.

I use a workaround:

  1. created a .bat file that copy the SambaPOS.sdf file to a backup folder (name automated with a date name)
  2. then create a windows task that run this .bat file - lets say every day or what ever you need.
  • my destination folder is in google-drive - so its a cloud backup

if you want i can send a copy of this .bat file

sure maybe i can use it too for my backup…
thanks @mayase

I also would be interested. Thank you for your help.

  1. save the .bat file to local drive
  2. change inside .bat file the 2 paths as you need (source and destination)
  3. optional: make a windows tast scheduler to run this .bat file at a soecific time or as you need

my personal .bat file contain another 2 commands - renaming Report.xps file (both ITEM SALES REPORT and WORK PERIOD REPORT) to a date name each: in sambapos i defined that when work period end - it saves both reports - each to a different folder, and because sambapos automaticaly save to “Report.xps” file name - the .bat file rename them with date. - so everything is done automaticaly :slight_smile: