Automatic Category Products sorting

Is it possible to automatically sort Category Products in alphabetical order? If it is not possible, it would be beneficial to have an option to sort products alphabetically.

Usage case:
I have a Pasta Category which includes 33 different Pasta products. It will be very handy if products can be sorted alphabetically. It will make it easier for servers to find products.


If your talking about how they show on the menu when your server is selecting it for the customer, you can sort that alphabetically yourself when you create the menu and that way it will always show them alphabetically

Hi kendash,

I am aware we have the option to sort manually. I sort products manually at this moment. It would be good option if there was an option to sort automatically.

Thanks again.

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I see I guess I misunderstood you. Your post sounded like your servers had a hard time finding products because they were not sorted which can be solved by manually sorting them so it does not affect your servers. You were actually asking if the option to auto sort when you create the menu could be implemented.

There is one way to do it that I know of. If you use the bulk product importer method explained in SambaPOS4 Bulk Product Importer you can sort the products within Excel then import them. I have not tested if it actually works however. And it would really be pointless because you would still have to manually enter everything and it would be more work.

You should probably make a new post under the category Request with this.