Automatic insertion of the Date for Description Template for created documents

Is it possible to insert something like [Date] under Description Template when creating a Document Type so that when the document is created it dynamically inserts the date for the description?

I know [Date] does not work I used it for illustrative purposes… Is there a command that works though?

I have tried [Date], {DATE} and even tried a string call using helper.

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If it is not possible I would like to request this feature.

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Here is a look at my new Accounting Screen:

Here is a crude snapshot of the flow. I did not include everything but maybe you can get my flow from this.

And here is what it looks like if I click Pay Suppliers:

And a look at an account screen view… This is my tax view I also showed the flow of my Tax Payments for tracking payments to my government and how everything is tying into a main checking account.

Basically I work from a main checking account and deposit money daily with exceptions of weekends to my bank. So the Deposit to Bank button takes my Cash Drawer account and moves it to the Checking account which is what I do daily. I may leave some cash in the drawer but to keep my illustration clean I just put it all in there for this example.

Each Account Screen has the same corresponding button so I don’t have to use the buttons from General to do my transactions. But for speed and ease I like having them all available for 1 press on General screen.

I have it setup to deposit the Credit to the checking account as well but I am waiting until I can figure out how to include the set service fee my CC processor charges. Or I may just leave it manual and run the Credit deposit after I clear it from the bank. All of the utilities, misc expenses, tax payments, etc come from the checking account unless I tell it to take it from the cash drawer.

I used Batch Create for each document to allow the buttons to work the way they do. It really speeds things up if you have multiple accounts.

At this point the last thing im waiting to see if I can implement is a way for the documents type to insert a dynamic Date on the Description box for each document transaction for example when I make utility payment it would automatically insert the date into the description box. That way when I go back into my transactions I have Dates to go by for reconcile.

If you use an Action to create the Document, you should be able to alter the description to include {DATE} {TIME} or the Helper.GetUniqueString() function.

On the other hand, if you’re talking about the Description Template field in the Document Type, I too would like to know which values/functions are accessible, and the proper syntax. For example, there is a Printer Tag called {DOCUMENT DATE}, but I don’t think these fields accept Printer Tags.

Here are the supported description template values.

[:XXX] Reads Custom Field value if account attached to an entity. XXX Should be the custom field name. It also works for Default Balance value.

I’ve implemented these while trying to create automatic description for wage transactions so some obvious values might be missing. I’ll add [DATE] and if more needed please let me know.


WOW thank you! I have been really enjoying building this for my business. I know ill enjoy it when I go live but this is an awesome experience building it. You really have something special here and when I can afford it I will definitely give you some supporting donations and look forward to more purchasable modules. Personally once the time clock and scheduler module arrives ill be first to buy them!

I am in the USA and I can tell you there are a ton of options for POS systems but they cost a ton and even with the cost none of them have been as flexible. This system as its evolving can do just about everything I want and I can customize it exactly to my taste.

Having the integrated CC service will be nice once its available as in the USA pretty much every restaurant operates with it integrated, but I certainly can run my business without it and I don’t see it as a deal breaker. The flexibility of this package is way too appealing. I have only been using it for a month or two and I’ve already built a system more flexible than any of the systems that have been pitched to me here in USA

The only other one I would like to see is [TIME] and [DAY]

Works great! here is what it looks like with [MONTH]/[YEAR]:WK-[WEEK] entered in the field. If I had [TIME] [DAY] it would be nearly perfect. Having [DATE] would be nice but I personally think having them separate is better because I can design my own readout with them separate.

One more suggestion: The ability to tag a simple date to the actual name of the transaction so when you are looking at the transactions from the admin menu under accounts you can easily find a transaction you may be searching for.

Might look like this:

[DATE], [TIME], [DAY], [HOUR], [MINUTE], [SECOND] added.

Templating document name is something different because there is already a hardcoded templating logic there. So I’ll add it to my to do list to check if it will be possible.


Awesome thanks this moves me closer to using Samba as my sole Accounting program.

Can I specify a description of how the current user?

Since payment made several managers, I need to see who made the payment to the managers.

Don’t think description supports printer tags. Not a bad idea though @emre

We support global tags so {SETTING:CURRENTUSER} should work.