Automatic Next Order Tag


I have 5 order tag group for a product. When waiter selected order tag from 1st group, how can I make it to step into next group automatically?

Is it a tag with a Max value set.
If not it definitely wouldn’t be posible as would not know when time to move on.
But I’m thinking you are probably going to struggle on.this

Tes, all these have max value (1) but not working

I saw it Emre’s combo tutorial, but there is no the way how to do it

Share a link to what your referring to.

I think your looking at it incorrectly, I think what your seeing as next tag is actually the tag of the next order.
Are you looking at the second one… This one is a combo of 3 products added at once from menu item button, all three have tags so it forces selection of them in turn as if they were layers

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Thank you for clarification. I think it will be good feature for next updates :slight_smile: @emre

Have you thought that one through? What if they need to make a change to just one specific group? Do you want them cycling all of the groups again? To be honest it sounds neat but not practical.

You have the capability to create this flow now without waiting for a feature that probably will never come. You could create automation to do this using Ask Question Action and constrain it to only trigger on first order selection allowing you to go back and make changes without having to go through all of them again…