Automatic printing

Hi I want to automatic print a ticket if it hasn’t been printed, before closing the it… I was able to automatic print before closing a tickted but If I already printed ir to give to the coustumers to pay it, so it goes dobled printed… I just want to be sure every ticket get printed only ones…

Tnks in advance!!..

You need to prevent printing rule from running multiple times by adding rule constraints. For example you can change “Print State” of ticket to “Printed” and check that before executing printing. You can read more about that here.

I’ve added action Print Bill to rules ticket payment check, but noting happens? I want to have a bill copy after payment executed, what’s wrong?

Tnx emre for your anwere I will check it out rigth now!..

mishatrach… you should check if you maped it… I made that mistake onece or if you put and action to do after check the requiriments of the action…

No, i’ve mapped it and it’s before other actions!