Automatic Promotion expiration

Dear All, I need a setup to expire promotion Iam using samba card it will add 5% to card but some customers (Lazy) visiting rarely so there s no mean of giving 5% i want this set Zero balance if any card holder not visited for last 30days . so customers will come back to use balance and try to keep the balance live , i couldn’t find by search this kind of information. any body have idea how can i make action and rules to achieve this , now i have to check each time whether they visited within 30days for every time , any help would be appreciated thanking you.

So will you expire my $100 promotion just because I’ve didn’t visited for 30 days? For similar reasons you’ll want to configure some exceptions and that will make it too hard to manage (or explain to customer) Better create %5 discount coupons that expires after certain days. Also you can segment your customers (regular, vip) to apply different promotion schemes.

I remember we talked it before. Promotions have different uses. One can improve loyalty and th other one can increase visit count or ticket size. It is better to avoid mixing different promotion ideas in a single promotion.

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@emre thank u so much for reply as i tried points promotion in this scenario i will explain : the set up for 6 coffee will get 6 points and they can get 1 coffee( can claim same product) i think so ,

As my menu got about 30-40 items so i want give particular points example: 1 main course get 1 point and a table of customers had 6 different mains so they get 6 points , so customer can claim the points with any main course ( any product )which is 6 points worth. is this possible with points promotion ?any way, if this works then i think this is the good promotion to add but i dont have the skills to modify i followed all forum to devolop my setup.

As some of customers get 5%off and come back after 6 months it is happens here , so i have given 30days a example but any stage should be a expiry date would be a necessary for me ,

Coupons also an a good idea and i have implimented this and i can print but i cannot figure out expiry date in coupons iether, i have mentioned manually expire date on print, but if a staff doesnt check the date when that scanned still working

I am so so sorry if any wrong post or any unworthy or if u think . thank u very much for u r hard work and time been spent .