Automatic Work Period

How do I create a Work Period and End a Work Period every day automatically at set times?

There is not an start or end work period action in V4 so it is not possible.
There is an action for this in the upcoming V5 but the recommendation is generally not to end work period as an automatic/timed event, the recommended practice which is possible in V4 is to set some form of reminder prompt. Say that after 5pm a prompt pops up to remind on login or logout, or you could use the shell subtitle module.
Even the action in V5 was not added for this purpose - its been added to allow start/end period from an automation command/button.

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Thank you JTRTech.

Can you teach me to setup up my thermal printers pls!

I have plugged in the following but they don’t print. My Windows 8.1 doesn’t recognize them as printers but devices. I’m thinning is this the problem or do I need to set them up on the sambapos software?

WINTEC win90pt
DigiCom A10 POS

There will be a tutorial on here somewhere.
Have you installed them in windows? If noting else click add printer, have disc, find generic and select generic text printer.
You want to be able to print windows test page before even looking at getting samba to print.
If windows cant see it - samba wont be able to.

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Okay I will try that now, thanks again.