Automatically Add Date

Setting up this system for a friend and it requires “joined date”. Ive added a custom field, and I see that you can add “##/##/####”, but is there a way of making it add the current day?

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… hmmm, it seems to have added it this time less the time but thats not important. Weird.

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bump… I need this cant work it out…

found this thread on searching.

What format do I use to a update entity data action to insert the current date?

{:CURRENTDATE} ? is that it? lets try


that didn’t work for me

ok just {DATE} worked and I added {TIME} too

but what if I wanted to change the layout for listing on a ticket lister in order?

for example


DATE and TIME tags both accept formatting:



{DATE:yyyy/MM/dd} {}

awesome, thanks :slight_smile: