Automatically display all the courses of a set menu i.e. Banquet on a kitchen docket

Here is a bit of an odd request. Our Chef asked me if I could add this feature to our new iteration of SambaPos:

We serve a set meal. Lets call it a Banquet. This Banquet has several components. For teh kitchen print out our Chef would like the title to be e.g. Banquet. Followed by a list of the individual course of this Banquet underneath. Each Banquet course should be in a row of its own so that he can cross them off with a pen once the waiter has picked the course up from the kitchen. I can add a dish called Banquet but how do I automatically include the rest? I guess the waiter can manually do it via being forced to select order tags for Banquets but is there a more elegant solution?

For example:

4 Banquet
King Prawns

Mixed Grill

You can set default order tags for Banquet. So when you select Banquet it would apply the order tags automatically.

@ kendash

Could you explain to me a bit more what to do after I add the Order Tag?

Still can’t figure it out can you please give me a hint?

Can you show a screenshot of your menu items like I showed with the Default Order Tags entered? So I can see what your attempting to setup?

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@ kendash

Hey Kendash my system is live again since 3 weeks but I have still have not figured out how to automatically apply a list of the individual courses of this Banquet / Set menu on the kitchen print out.

Lets say there are 5 people at a table and 4 of them order a Banquet and 1 orders a regular Starter, Main & Dessert. So basically what I would like to achieve is something like on the image below.

And this is what I am currently capable of setting up in Sambapos:

Any ideas how to automatically add several items when the waiter clicks on a Banquet in the order screen?

Below is the screenshot you requested

I hope I explained this well enough to be easily understood

Oysters etc should be order tags.

@kendash Thank you for you help!

Now that I got the “Order Tag” to work does anybody have an idea how to create and separate the order tags with a proper title e.g. Banquet Starter, Banquet Main, Banquet Dessert as per the image below? I am currently using Emre’s (2.3 KB) to do this automatically for individual dishes but have no clue how to get this or something like it to work for a set menu that automatically lists each dish belonging to the set menu i.e. using order tags.

P.S. For anybody else trying to do something similar as to adding multiple items to the “Order Tag”:
When adding multiple items in “Order Tag” separate items with a “,” dont use a space after the “,”. If you do it will only grab the first item.
I know it sounds simple but it took me a while to figure this out.

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Could this be done by some Rules and Actions? Thoughts ?

Almost anything can be done with rules and actions. Even stuff Emre didn’t mean to happen can sometimes be done.

OK this is rather tricky, can anybody help me get started on this please?