Automating Adding Order Tag Groups Fast with Configuration Tasks



I am setting up a huge bar and really feel that I would get a huge benefit from somehow speeding up the process of adding order tag groups. What I like to do is go through every product and create a order tag group for each product… No Swiss, No Tomato, No Sauce… Etc whatever the ingredients are.

I know we can use configuration tags for this with yaml format. Any advice in leading me in the right direction?


Are you wanting to build something that you can use again like a deployable solution?


Yeah that would be awesome.


Ok I am confused about one thing though. What do you mean by each listing?


I fixed it sorry. I meant for each product.


Oh ok so you want a NO group for each product basically and you want it to fill in the actual Product after the NO based on the ingredients that make that Product?


Instead of having to manually create each one… maybe a way to automate it?


Yeah exactly. I want to minimize the clicks required to create them. In the near future I have plans to create a web app that just lets me insert the menu with the ingredients included and then develop a script that automatically imports the products and categories for the menu and then auto creates the modifiers for each product based on the ingredients.


Configuration Task would definitely be our go to… It might take some work to write it. But once finished it could be a ONE button press and bam.


It would require YAML of course with some scripting to fill in the names of the tags and groups. We can probably use SQL to pull out the actual products and its ingrediants. I am working at my main restaurant right now, its our slow 3pm-5pm time, but I wont be able to demonstrate anything until later tonight or tomorrow maybe.


Its definitely doable and it can be written so it could be used on virtually any database.


Okay, I have a developer that’s good with the proper guidance. He’ll complete it fairly quickly if we can help him understand the yaml syntax.

Anytime you can is greatly appreciated as always :slight_smile:


You should setup your own repository on github for your reseller company and store all of your setup based config tasks there. All you would need to do is point the system your configuring to that repository and all of your config tasks would load up.


Yeah I def will setup my own git. I have a lot of setups I want to automate.


The cool thing about the YAML in config tasks is you can build a base setup then export it as a database task… it will create the yaml for you. Then we can just edit the yaml and add the apropriate variables where the product names etc are.


You can use validation variables, script, sql all kinds of cool stuff.


Ohhh really? Okay let me try that then cause im doing this manually right now and im crying knowing I could automate this and save 10+ hours of work lol.


You can even write config tasks to remove configurations.


Yeah, I need to get on this asap. Any help from you is always appreciated. So im testing right now to just export order tag groups and then going to try putting it in a config task.


Wow okay I got it… I had no idea I could auto create yaml inside the config tasks settings. Thanks man


  • Name: Addons - Sliders
    SortOrder: 30
    ColumnCount: 5
    ButtonHeight: 65
    FontSize: 14
    Prefixes: ‘[]’
    • Name: Bacon
      SortOrder: 10
      Price: 1.00
      MaxQuantity: 1
    • Name: Grilled Onions
      SortOrder: 20
      Price: 1.00
      MaxQuantity: 1
    • Name: Grilled Mushrooms
      SortOrder: 30
      Price: 1.00
      MaxQuantity: 1
    • Name: Grilled Peppers
      SortOrder: 40
      Price: 1.00
      MaxQuantity: 1