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I know its hard and maybe not possible but still I would love it if their is a solution to this. Is their any way to set Automation command button pin to other User Roles than Admin pin. Like I want to be able to select other pins based on user role selected maybe if possible in rules or somewhere.

The short answer is no, the admin pin option is hard coded and there are no other options to change this.

All you can do is change the user permissions so each user role can access different things but to set a pin that option is only available for admin’s

You could probably build something not sure, V4 is old and outdated now and no longer gets updated

V5 has expanded user permissions.

Yeah but even V5 does’nt have option to select other user roles. I think it can be done but it would be a bit complicated and might have to use scripts or something like that.

Or create your own automation flow rather than the built in admin pin option.
In v5 it would definitely be possible to create your own version of admin pin button.

Can you explain a scenario when you would need this? Might help me understand your need better.

By Enabling user role’s “Can Confirm Admin PIN” permission you can allow users to validate Automation Commands.


Different access levels are given to different users. Only my waiters can take orders and apply discount, only my cashiers can void a item and only my manager can abort a order. During rush hours my waiters gets busy so my cashier goes on the floor and uses the waiter’s system but he has to logout and login every time if he wants to use discount etc. If I give permission to my waiter to void an item with “Can confirm admin pin” then he can also abort a order for which only my manager has permission. I mean if automation command button confirmation type was based on user roles or user names than it would be extremely helpful. I have 09 waiters and 3 cashiers and its almost impossible to handle permissions with mappings in this scenario, Not that I don’t appreciate the feature, that feature is absolutely amazing, heck the whole SambaPOS is amazing. But I think that if their is no workaround for this problem than this feature should be added in V6 for which I am desperately waiting.

What’s the difference in a cashier and waiter?

In my country the big restaurants have their payments made in basement or any other place than the main floor, hence the Cashier’s handle only payments and item void. And the waiters generally are on the floor but they can only take orders. We use multiple discounts and they are based on different areas in the restaurant like Vip Lounge or Balcony. And different waiters handle this different areas so each waiter gets his own set of discounts for only their customers. But we only have a single Server where they can place orders hence the problem with can confirm admin pin.

With v5 this would be possible using a script/SQL to verify pin and return user role.
You could need to create custom automation rather than use admin pin for command.
You would need either several separate rules or might be stramlinable as such.
Your void cancel etc automation commands would have similar command names which go to a user validate/role rule. They would have a command value of the command name for the actual command which does the actions relative to the button. The automation command rule they go to would need an execute automation command action for each function with action constraint for each value/ultimate command name.
The automation command actions could use the command value (from the button) in the command name field to trigger the actual rule for doing the changes.
The command value field would want to be a script call with a prompt] for pin entry.
The script would validate the pin and return the user role.
The user role for validated pin then gets passed as value to the rule for command name passed from value of origional button.
In each final rules. The main constraint obviously being the command name. The command value would be the user role meaning you can set constraints to allow rule based on user role.
The script useage would restrict this as a solution to v5 and wouldn’t be possible in V4
@emre I know we have covers scripts/SQL to achive this but do think it would be nice to have a couple of report expressions/helpers relating to users. Something to validate pin, something to return role based on pin or user name.

Yes I was thinking the same thing that it would be possible with scripts but could not compile the steps and wasn’t even sure that it would be possible or not but you are right it might be possible with V5. Since we dont know when v6 is coming and if this feature would be added or not, I think I will give this steps a try and see how far I get with this. As always thanks for your help, its a great software with great community.

Separate rules would be easier if your less comfortable with the automation but this would definitely be possible in v5

You can query the role name by PIN with this report tag.

{REPORT SQL DETAILS:select r.Name from users as u inner join UserRoles as r on r.Id = u.UserRole_Id where u.PinCode = '1234':F.Name} 
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Thanks @emre I’ll definitely give this a try with single rule concept which could work with any automation buttons and post my results if I achieve something.

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