Automation commands missing symbols

how come I have only 6 symbols available, when there are many in the default database version?

It might be language-specific.

However, AFAIK, the symbols are from the Segoe UI Symbol font set. You can copy them from charmap.exe and paste them into SambaPOS …

the character is present in the system, it is possible that I do not visualize them because I use windows 7? Copying one by one works, is there a way to give them all?

Why would that make a difference? It should not matter.

No idea. Not likely.

You say they are all there in the “default database version”… what does that mean? The fonts/symbols are not part of the database. The Font Set is installed when you install SambaPOS. The OS should make no difference.

It might be that if you choose a language other than English when you install, then a different Font Set (of the same name) is installed… I don’t know.

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It will be language issue I put money on it.
Windows 7 is an odd suggestion given Windows 7 is base requirement for samba due to .net 4.5 requirement.
I suggest maybe trying to see if the font has language versions and maybe try reinstalling English version if there is option to download specific versions