Automation Confirmation - Manager or ROLE group

On the CONFIRMATION: selection. I would like to see an USER ROLE option. This way I could select my Manager Role and not have to give them ADMIN rights. I like how the feature works, just need it to be a little more selective without giving away the store.

Its scary to me that my manager could take over my system by changing my user password so I don’t have access, because I have to give him admin rights when I want confirmation on price change or refund options.

I know they can log out and back in with the different users but that can be key stroke heavy and not customer friendly in a busy store.


I could be wrong but it looks like you can select Admin under User Roles and still restrict what that person can do. They would just be flagged as admin.

Edit: Apparently I am wrong it does not work this way. So now I am wondering why the button is there to select Admin yet it lets you deselect the individual areas. I too would like this feature added.

Yes, I would like to see it either work like the menu categories selection list, where it shows all your users and you can select with ones have the Authorization override privilege.

These kind of people would be the owner of the store - admin, the store manager, The head cashier, but people like sales clerks and bakers, and cooks would not.

Selecting individual people would work best, but I would be happy in selecting a Role Group too.

I’ve added Can Confirm Admin PIN permission to user rules. That permission will allow users to confirm operations with their pin where admin pin asked. That will work for automation command confirmations and other functions where admin pin confirmation setting exists such as limiting payment processor.