Avm fritz!card usb for caller id

hi everyone!
i use samba pos4, i would like to know if i can use avm fritz!card usb for caller id

i’ll tried with generic modem, i select the port, but nothing happens!

any suggestion!

no error message popup!


i don’t know much (or anything about it but just in-case you forgot) but did you install caller id from samba market?

i suppose is a built-in feature, if it’s not, maybe you can show me the path to install it

thanks for your time

When you signin to sambapos. There is button call samba market. On the main screen its on the right coulum. And second from top. Sorry im away from the computer. you click that and install caller id module.

this is what i get from the program

any solution?

Restart SambaPOS and try again. There is no reason why you should get that error.

Please update to latest version. This is still old sambamarket.com website.

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Is there a way that SambaPOS could show that there is a new version available to download. Maybe at the login screen up the top. When you click on it, it downloads the new version ready to be installed.

Or maybe put it in SambaMarket and add “Updates Available” to the SambaMarket button.

That was in my todo list but SambaMarket idea is great too. Thanks.

hello again, thanks everyone for helping me out!
here is the thing:

i update it to latest version (4.1.18), i open samba market without a problem and then i install
caller id module.
after that i restart the program and i have this popup

i have chose “generic modem” for my fritz at settings

what should i do?

thanks again