B2B food ordering

Hi all

i’m looking for a solution that will allow my account customers (other business not customers) to send me orders via the net or an app or whatever. the idea is that they will log onto some sort of webpage which takes an order and then that in someway interfaces with sambapos.

basically, we are a bakery that provides bread to local businesses. but also have our own retail outlet. using sambapos we are looking for a way for customers to send us orders during the day which our nighttime bakers make overnight. which we can then record to the customers account for charging once a month.

looked at Gloria foods integration but that seems to work only for normal retail customers.

any ideas?

thanks all

Depends on your product and system complexity.
I have plans to work on a woocommers intergration one day but that wont be anytime soon.
You could make a basic webpage and use the graphql api to create the business orders.

Have you tried using Gloria foods voucher system. You could generate vouchers for them to apply different rates for them.

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I develop a custom ordering system for SambaPOS. if you are interested message me.
We will discuss more and also give a short demo.


yeah, im looking into the options for Gloria foods. just really trying to get a workflow that suits bulk purchases. need tickets ordered and easy to work with for delivery and entry staff, and also an automatic system for the overnight staff to use. will let you all know how it goes. is gloria foods the only ‘pre packaged’ ordering intigration available?