Background colour in selected menu category format not resetting

On 5.2.14, I am using a background colour to highlighted the select menu category / sub category:

<background #FF7F7F7F><size 15><color White>{0}</color></size></background>

When I click the categories, it works but doesn’t “reset” when I click a new one, they remain as the selected background colour.

I am pretty sure this is new and also doesn’t always happen. In some cases it works fine and I can’t get to the bottom of what causes it. I thought it was related to whether or not the Button Height is 0 or a fixed size but tried both and doesn’t make a difference. But some setups it works fine, others it doesn’t! Here is another setup on the same computer, and it works fine with <background>.

I thought it was due to the category set as 1 column, but if I set the category buttons to 2 columns, still the same problem:

Also, if I use <panel> instead of <background> it works fine, but <panel> doesn’t give as nice an effect, so want to use <background>.

(but <panel> doesn’t work well if Button Height is 0, it adds lots more padding to the buttons so have to explicitly set the Button Height on the categories). This is <panel> set with Button Height = 0 (you can see the same with <background> in the first GIF above):


It does work but your using wrong method. I’ll show you.

Try this instead.

<panel #FF7F7F7F><size 15> {0} </size></panel>

This is what I have been doing in the past and works, I gave example above. But it doesn’t look as nice as <background> as has a small border of the original button colour.

What is annoying is <background> works sometimes and doesn’t others, and I can’t work out what is causing this.


I apologize I did not read all of your thread when I responded. I can not really comment on this as I have only ever used panel tag.

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I notice the text color changes back from white… weird.

I first tried <background> when Emre suggested it as it is better performance wise, uses less processing to render compared to panel. And it looks better.

But like I say, if you see my examples, sometimes it works perfectly, other times it doesn’t and I can’t point a finger to what is causing it, can only guess it is a bug.

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@VehbiEmiroglu can you look at this? Were there any changes recently that might affect this?

Ok I’m controlling which update cause this. I will give information about this.


I’m using it, if you want to use it ;

<panel blue><img>C:\Program Files (x86)\SambaPOS5\Images\apple-icon.png</img><b>{0}</b></panel>

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Yeah I know about <panel>, I gave example above already. <panel> looks good in your setup, however in mine, if I use <panel> I get a small border of the original button background around the edge, this for some reason does not appear in yours.

I have no idea, but you can try choosing another colors …

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Do you have scaling on mark?

would you like to write the article big
it will probably solve your problem.

<panel red><size 30>Item</size></panel>

He said and showed that panel doesn’t look great for his system.

Maybe I fixed it at some point but background tag appears to work fine for me atm.


For me it would sometimes work perfectly and other times not, I couldn’t work out what was causing it to not work. I’ll test again with 5.2.18 soon and I’ll update you.

@emre Still happens in 5.2.18. Here is a weird one - some buttons work normally, others the background remains.

Using this for the select menu category / sub category:

<background #FF7F7F7F><color White>{0}</color></background>

Only difference I can see with RUM and Wine is they use a named colour whereas the other categories use a hex colour.

This is the same for Breakfast, Starters & Light Bites, Side Orders.

Interestingly, in SambaPOS, for Drinks menu there are 3 other categories with named colours (Whisky = Purple, Alco Pops = DarkBlue, Bar Snacks = Green) but these show as hex colours in SQL:

If I change those using Orange to use #FFF79646 instead, it works perfectly. This is without changing the other named colours too. Only thing I can think that is special about Orange is it’s the default category colour?


Great catch but I don’t know why it does it for orange color :slight_smile:

Edit: Yes you’re right that is probably an issue related with named colors. I’ll check that.