Backup module keeps deactivating

Am having an issue with one of my installs that the backup module keeps deactivating.
The other day I went on market and cleared databases as suggested for module solutions elsewhere and reactivated but it has deactivated again.

Just popped to see them and on logining in the system the till seems to have been logged out of market!
Is this the problem? should it stay logged in?

OK. @na1978 have a similar issue but we could never spotted it so I thought that was system specific. Now it looks like you have something in common…

When it happens again please create a screenshot of AddonLicenses and ProgramSettingValues tables and PM me. Please do it before activating modules so I can see what did not work.

Does it happens to only backup module? Do they have paid modules other than backup module?

Will do.

Back up is the only paid module.
First time I dismissed it and thought it might be related to v5 licence addition etc but 2/3rd time thought I’d bring it up.
This time I didn’t reset on market just signed in again and activated.

Will let you know if happens again.

Should it stay signed in?

No keeping it signed in is not required but to be able to understand the reason it will be better if you keep it signed in.

hmm. did you clicked activate button or did it activated automatically when you logged in.

As soon as I can remember @na1978’s issue was modules was uninstalling. It just deactivates (drops to trial) for you right?


My issue is identical to JTRTech. Custom Reports module gets deactivated and my Samba Market account is logged off(It does not get un-installed).

I can log into Samba Market account and activate Custom Reports. It works for a couple of weeks and then it starts displaying trail mode warnings.

What do you mean by AddonLicenses and ProgramSettingValues tables

Thanks for trying to fix this issue.

He means the tables from the database directly using MSSQL Manager.

@emre my problem is as described by @na1978, it doesn’t uninstall - just signed out and deactivates.

@JTRTech thanks. That’s what I was thinking, but I was not sure.

@emre it happened again today, I messaged you the day they told me about it so it looks to be at least a couple of days between each ocurance, but they might not say straight away, the second/time before last I fixed it it was Sunday (as I said as the popups don’t effect use too much they don’t say straight away)
Have send you PM with the requested screenshots.

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