BAR Printer not working

I installed Sambapos 4 at my restaurant, and these are the printers;
1 Bar printer (@the Bar))
1 Kitchen printer (@the Kitchen)
1 Bill printer (@ the main counter)

After all the installations everything worked smoothly for two days,
but since yesterday the bar printer stopped working! The bar printer is on, and brings out blank paper, bar orders are not being printed.
Please help me.


Are you saying the paper still comes out as expected but blank?
Sounds like hardware failure to me, are the bar and Bill printers the same type/model? If so try swapping them over or temporarily change the print job to send the bar orders to the bill printer and see if that works.

The commands were not being sent, cuz the printer is on the network and on dhcp, so it had changed the IP address of the printer. Now what is the solution so that the IP address remains static?

You would use the printer utility to set it to static rather than DHCP.
If cheap printer mihgt be harder to do is dont have utility as some models are hard to find the utility.
If thats the case you could set it a static IP using the router/modem which is providing the DHCP for the network.

Thanx i figured it out from the utility

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