Barcode automatic add product in the ticket

I just want to do something simple but i can’t find the right solution.

We using the sambapos v4,
In the ticket is possible to scan the barcode and the samba accepting automatic the product without to need to hit the enter or the check button

thank you

Yes just enter the barcode in the barcode field when creating a product

If it doesnt automatically “enter” and you have to press something you need to refer to your scanner setup documentation to ensure carriage return is added, it is this that automatically “enters” the number scanned

I can confirm it does work as i use it, but you need to get your scanner setup correctly


Most scanners have ‘setting barcodes’ in the user manual to do things like enable or disable carrage return and other features like bleep volume and or tone etc.
These are scanner options/configurations rather than samba,
Barcode scanners like msr swipe readers and RFID readers are just keyboards/HID as far as windows is concerned.