Barcode display on product button

Hi All,

How can I display my product Barcode on product button please

We cant access the barcode field in the product setup unless thats a change ive missed

So youll need to setup up a custom product tag called Barcode. This will then create the field in the product setup screen, enter your barcode there

Then on you button edit the product header field with the name of your product followed by the barcode tag. Something like this:

Lunch/r{ ITEM TAG:Barcode }

That will show on the button like this:


Hi RickH,

How \ Where I can add { ITEM TAG:Barcode } please

Should be Lunch\r{ITEM TAG:Barcode}. But I’m not sure if you can use a tag in the header field.

Hi markjw,

Could i have your advice how / where I can put / setup {ITEM TAG:Barcode} please

from this screen below?

You need to add it as a Product Tag Caption - so click the edit button then enter “Barcode”:

Then it will appear on the product as a new field under the portion prices

Im assuming that will work ive never tried it. If not then youll just need to add the \r after your item name in he header field and then just manually type the barcode

Hi markjw,

I got appear now, how next please (sorry i am new)

The idea would be you add the barcode into that field.

But honestly I think header won’t support {ITEM TAG:Barcode} like I said in a previous post. I had a similar problem myself in the past.

Actually what are you trying to accomplish? Is it you want to show item number on each button? like this:

If so, I wrote a guide how to do it here - you just need to store your item number (set product tag to “Item Number”) then run the SQL script. Check further down the page and there is details how to set the SQL script as a database task.

Hi markjw,

Thank you very mush for your advice, i will try and let you know how i go

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