Barcode entry and automation/auto-select


I’m designing a system at the moment, I’m using quite a few portion options and I’ve enabled auto-select to ask for portion entry… All works fine if selecting items via the menu browser.
I need to be able to access all items by manual bar-code entry, when clicking the tick the food item is found and added to the ticked but no automation or auto-select occurs so no user prompt… seems like it may be a bug? Is there any way around this?
I’m using 4.1.82


Hi @emre i can confirm this is a bug, ive not tested on V4 but on V5 this iss ue is the same.

If you enter a barcode for a product that has auto select enabled the order tag/portion screen DOES NOT appear. However if you manually select the product using the menu and product buttons on the POS screen the order tag/portion screen DOES appear

Could you update so that when scanning a barcode if product has auto select enabled it will work?

I’m not using a bar code scanner. The bar codes correspond to delivery item numbers so aids quick entry for phone orders.
Is this planned to be fixed?


if you have delivery item numbers in the barcode field of a product, typing it in is just the same as scanning a barcode made up of that number.

No idea yet if it will be fixed, but @emre will read this post as he is now tagged in it and he will look into it. I can tell you that it wont be fixed in V4 as all work is now being done on V5 and there wont be any more updates to V4.

From our last update V5 will be available early June so when this is fixed you would need to upgrade to V5 to get that feature plus a heap loads more :slight_smile:

I am pretty sure this is not a bug. Its design for quick order adding so it simply adds the product to the order it does not use the menu so it does not select the order after adding it. I mean it just adds that product its not getting it from the Menu at all its coming straight from products so any Menu automation will not work on it.

We might get it to work with automation but I am not sure.

So let me see what we have. The barcode method is different than numberpad…

Maybe Order Added to Ticket event can be used and the Select Order Action.

EDIT: Nevermind it seems Select Orders only works after Ticket Created. Back to drawing board. Furthermore it seems Select Orders works invisible behind scenes so you can run actions on that order its not meant to visibly select it.

EDIT: So it seems we need additional automation for this to work. Or a feature to link barcodes to menu items. @emre am I thinking correctly or am I way off?

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@Jesse you’re right how barcode entries processes differently but I’ll check it in more detail at first chance.

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