Barcode integration for meat section scale

Hello Everybody

I have CL-5000J barcode label printing scale and I want to connect it with sambapos. Like this:

I checked the previous tutorial from emre but in that tutorial the scale was only giving weight to sambapos but in this scale it have a barcode, so how sambapos would know that its a cabbage with 3.55?

I think this was discussed before and it’s not a barcode for cabbage at price but sugestion was barcode with two parts, ie, first 4 digets are weight and rest are the products and you use a numberpad entered rule to process the parts as qty and product.

You need to explain how the scale is generating the barcode…


Could you please show me that discussion??

Check out the labels of my scale printer:

As you see in the beginning of the barcode its 02 that’s the key code and then 00290 is the product code and then its the price code 027859. I think 9 is the last decimal number of the price.
i saw something in the action:

is that the action i have to deal with??
Help me please!!!

I found this too…

but this is sambapos 3 and I am using latest V5.1.60


Please need help

I can tell you that keycode in the numberpad action has nothing to do with scales. Keycode is the keycode number setting that is associated with numbers etc to create a custom keypad or make a custom button work like a number pad input

Cant help with scale setup though as never used one sorry

Those scale settings youve found in V3 are also in V5, cant remember which option theyre under

Also dont be waiting for a reply from emre, he hasnt been on the forum for a few months as hes working on something, we dont know when hell be back yet

@ emre please help, no one has given me a solution in the 12 hours since I asked…

What you want to do is use number pad entered rule.
Add a constraint there and then for begins 0200 or whatever it was.
You’ll then need to split/trim the number pad value - sure there is a helper for this…
You’ll obviously need an add order action.
Since the barcode seems to specify price rather than weight you have to rely on scale to manage prices of these items.
Anyway… Don’t this add order action has barcode field so you may need to use a script preprogram expression to get the product name from the barcode and input that into the add order action.
You could posible update the order price in that same action.

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So what will be the scripting and action???
At least you can help @QMcKay

So you want whole tutorial showing exactly what to do?
Maybe Q will do that for you, i prefer to help those wanting to learn rather than just being told what to do.

Yes I need a tutorial and if you want you can help me too because I wanted to learn and implement in a grocery.

I am not making joke here I implement samba in
a restaurant, mini supermarket and now I got a project for a big grocery who have 15000 items. This is a serious thing and I have to finish work in two days so please help.


Hmm so nobody else here is serious with real business? We are trying to help. Emre probably won’t respond he is busy working on a project. I have limited experience with scales so all I can do is search the forum just like you. Please remember we are all busy operators of businesses. You can contact Tayfun and maybe pay for some service to help set it up.

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May be you can contact Tayfun for this module.

SambaPOS V5 Pro Online Scale Integration - Online Terazi Entegrasyonu

I didn’t mean that JTRTech was saying not to help me because I just wanted the tutorial so I was trying to explain him that m promoting sambapos and m serious about it and its not that m not learning it.
Yeah no problem I can pay him but where I can contact him? call him on the no which is on samba site?
And again I didn’t mean to disrespect anybody.
But still sorry if m wrong…

for this module I have to buy new scale, I already have two scales and I cant afford to buy new.
but there will be a way to read barcode in two parts product id and price.

Yes, like I sugested using numberpad value entered rule and some basic scripting to trim the input value into its part provided the makeup of the code if of fixed lengths.
I cant give you full tutorial as as kendash explained most of us are busy running our own businesses and trying to help others on forum where we can.
Since we dont have a scale like yours and lots of info even giving direct instructions are tricky as youve given minimal info - yes you mention model but are we expected to find and then read the manual for your scale?
Im not trying to be dismissive but the forum is community based FREE support and just expecting a direct tutorial for your specific scale is expecting allot especially on a 2 day time scale…

You can contact @Tayfun with mention like I just did or call the number on the website.


Yeah I can understand, so whatever info you need I will provide.
help me to build rule and scripting and from the scale side I will handle.
And one more thing we are not connecting scale to samba, the barcode have all the information so may be you don’t need scale if m correct?