Barcode integration for meat section scale

Yeah I can understand, so whatever info you need I will provide.
help me to build rule and scripting and from the scale side I will handle.
And one more thing we are not connecting scale to samba, the barcode have all the information so may be you don’t need scale if m correct?


Oh my gosh that is totally different. So you don’t need scale integration at all. All you need is to use barcodes with products. Lol ok that is much easier. I’m not at my computer to demonstrate so you will need to wait or maybe someone here will chime in.

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The scale generates a barcode by the looks of it so he needs to set a PLU on the scale and then set the barcode ref from scale to corasponding order.
Looking at the labels the prints/barcodes are PLU and price - not weight.
He needs script.helper code to trim the numberpad value into the plu/barcode part and price part.

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It would be easier if he just programmed the barcode to include weight.

I just realized that myself. This has nothing to do with Scale integration. This is purely Barcode Scanner integration.

We know this:

0200290027859 Barcode Product Test

02      00290    02785 9
||      |||||    ||||| |
KeyCode ProdCode Price 3rdDecimal

This is how I did it, and to be honest, I have no idea how this really works. The only issue is that I need to click the CheckMark after the Numpad has the value:


I thought having KeyCode 13 in the Action would do the trick, but if I put 13 in there, nothing happens.

BTW, this completely ignores the Barcode settings that I showed in the previous post. I don’t know how to make that work. Don’t have a scanner myself.


##BC Store Value [Update Program Setting] (Action)##

Action Name: BC Store Value
Action Type: Update Program Setting
Setting Name: [:settingName]
Setting Value: [:settingValue]
Update Type: Update
Is Local: True

##BC Set Numpad [Set Number Pad Value] (Action)##

Action Name: BC Set Numpad
Action Type: Set Number Pad Value
Number Pad Type: NumberPad
Value: [:value]
Key Code: [:keyCode]


##BC Barcode Entered - Add Order [Numberpad Value Entered] (Rule)##

Rule Name: BC Barcode Entered - Add Order
Event Name: Numberpad Value Entered
Rule Tags:
Custom Constraint List (2):
Execute Rule if: Matches All
Numberpad ValueStarts02
Numberpad ValueLength Equals13

##Actions (4):##

BC Store Value

Constraint: (none)

settingName: itemCode
settingValue: [='[:NumberpadValue]'.substr(2,5)]
BC Store Value

Constraint: (none)

settingName: itemPrice
settingValue: [=TN('[:NumberpadValue]'.substr(7,3) + '.' + '[:NumberpadValue]'.substr(10,2))]

Constraint: (none)

MessageToDisplay: itemCode: {SETTING:itemCode}\ritemPrice: {SETTING:itemPrice}
BC Set Numpad

Constraint: (none)

value: [='{SETTING:itemPrice}' + 'x' + '{SETTING:itemCode}']
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Is this really working??
but you can input the barcode manually in the numberpad.
in your post you write BC Add Order Action but there is no screenshot for that and you didn’t put this action in the rule.
next thing is, the values you put it in the action for BC Barcode Entered - Add Order rule that’s not showing complete in the screen shot.

It is not important that the parameter values are cut off in the screen shots.

After each screenshot, all the parameters are provided in their entirety in TEXT so you can copy/paste the values.

My post has been edited to contain the correct images for Actions and Rules.

And what about the msg test action?
do I have to add in the rule or leave it?

That is a Show Message Action. You don’t need it. It is for testing and troubleshooting only.

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Nothing happening :frowning:
I did everything what you tell me and when I scan the barcode nothing comingup.

I don’t have a scanner. I cannot test that. I just entered numbers by clicking on the keypad or using my keyboard.

Nothing even show message? Then the rule has typo.

If it show message but no item add then check if the code enter match product barcode in the system.

Please provide more information than just Nothing happening… screenshots of your configuration would help us understand if a mistake was happening or if its something else. Just saying nothing happening does not help us much. You could have typed something wrong, or used wrong action, or accidentally pressed a wrong button, or a number of things but we wouldnt know that because all you give us is Nothing happened.

Show a screenshot of your Rule with all Actions expanded.

it it working? when you type from the keyboard?

Of course did you pay attention to his screenshot.

Add show message too please

Its not working because you put numberpad equals 13… ie only if barcode is 13… you need length equals…

Exactly why ‘Its not working’ is useless, its not working because you put the wrong constraint. Always share AS MUCh info as you can related to the question if you expect good answers.


Got there before me @JTRTech lol