Barcode integration for meat section scale

Yes, these Rules Constraints are incorrect in your setup …

This is correct, as shown in my Screen Shots, and in the TEXT that follows them …

M sorry my bad :frowning:
And @JTRTech m totally aware of these problems sambapos forum is full of these type of mistakes, when people do tiny mistakes and they didn’t get the result.
I did those mistakes when I was doing kitchen display but now I learn it, it need patience and focus.
And thanks alot for your patience too guys specially QMckay he’s a real asset he was here all the time and helping people.
I know I have been silly for this sorry again.
Today is Sunday so m taking a little rest and will check it tomorrow and give you update.
Again thank you so much for all of you guys for giving quick response.


Its working only when you type the barcode on the numberpad but if you scan the barcode from the scanner its showing nothing

Can’t help you with that. I don’t have a scanner.

Open Notepad, then scan something. Does it appear in Notepad after you scan a Barcode?

Yes it appear in notepad but its coming like this 200290027859
it doest have 0 in the starting

That why it doesn’t work. It constraint length of 13. Edit the rule and action to match it ie change length to 12 and all substr first parameter reduce it by 1.

Btw @QMcKay you should change topic from scale to barcode.

these are the substr, so how can I change it?
I already changed the start and length

Substr(10,2) to substr(9,2) something like that.

Can anyone change section from tutorial to question?

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This is not tutorial. You don’t expect ppl to read 40 posts before finding solution and become tutorial. Otherwise almost every posts will be tutorial.

You can start new post and writing how to do it.

Btw you can mark Q post the be solution and it will automatically have a link in first post.

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its working :smiley:
I just need to change values like this:

Another milestone :smile:


If scanner barcode not scan 0 at first digit, may be you can format scanner barcode to default setting again with manual paper scanner. Its problem scanner.

Hello Qmckay,

Need a little help, I want to put a price check button on the menu screen. So what was my thinking to do the same procedure as you showed me here. When we press price check button and scan the item a message will popup and tell us the item name and its price.

I cant able to process this procedure by automation command which you tell me on top. When i add a auttomation command in the same rule the price check button doesnt work.

You could do with a prompt and script.
Price check showing a prompt for barcode which goes into a script to lookup the price for that product using the barcode.
If your using the barcode feild I expect the adding of product would happen and overide the numberpad value entered rule if you just scanned normally.
You would likely need a script as not aware of a direct way to report price from barcode.
The prompt would be in the script call expression within a show message or ask question action so the contents of the show message/ask question popup would be based upon the script which is based upon the input of the prompt.

M not good in programming and scripting really trust me :frowning:
@QMcKay please help :frowning:

I tried this way:
I added number 1 to the item and also define in the rule for the samba to pickup that m doing price check but as you see when i press enter its only show me the item code not the.
Please somebody help me out only one step m missing.

Your saving program setting productPrice with [:Price]… firstly pretty sure thats an invalid use of square brackets. Secondly where is it meant to be getting price from?
Since barcode is product level and price it portion level are you just using normal portion on all barcoded products? Also only one price list?

Believe you will need to use script or report SQL details report with an sql query something like this;

SELECT p.[Price]
FROM [MenuItemPrices] p
LEFT JOIN [MenuItemPortions] s ON s.[Id] = p.[MenuItemPortionId]
LEFT JOIN [MenuItems] m ON m.[Id] = s.[MenuItemId]
WHERE m.[Barcode]=1234 AND s.[Name]="Normal"

On the presumption your only using normal portions and a single price list.
NOTE this query doesnt work, think it needs tweeking due to the [Name] column being used in multiple tables of the joins.
Obviously you would need to input the scanned barcode as a variable.

Actually the issue is posibly due to my multiple price lists.
if you only have one price list and one portion to a product it might work just with barcode WHERE but would not be fool proof.

but how can i call this querry?
And you write barcode 1234, why?

@RickH anybody here for help?
You did retail setup so how did you setup a price check button?