Barcode Inventory Purchases?

Hi everyone!

Looks like Inventory items have barcode for a while now but it doesnt look like you can use the barcode in the purchasing screen?


Whats exactly the point of these Inventory Item barcodes if they cant be used for quick input of purchases? Am I missing something?

im sure it used to work @jesse ?

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I never have seen it worked unfortunately.

Till it fixed, you can use barcode as product name - for example name “Coke” as “[barcode] Coke”. This is the only solutions for now I think.

That was part of Emre long process of improving inventory. He never finished it. He was adding small features here and there.

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I hope the team will finish his work <3

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This really mostly relates to retail setups. We are focused on restaurant right now but we will visit retail when the timing is right.

Doesn’t mean we won’t look at it. Just wanted you to know where our focus is.


You can use item inventory tag to use barcode for inventory purchases, you can use a sql script to copy barcode from inventory item to inventory item tag

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im sure at some point when entering the barcode on inventory purchase it straight away updated it to the product name, im sure i remember testing this when it was added???

IT was added april 2019.

I disagree with this. I mean every restaurant buys soft drinks, sodas, wine bottles and other units that usually come in boxes. I.e. one box of coca cola has 24 cans/bottles, wine case with 6 bottles inside and so on.

To be able to just go quickly into purchases and scan barcodes in the stock room of received goods would be very efficient and quick process.