Barcode Setting


Kindly assist with the configurion required on settings>Barcode page to be able to take Barcoded order to ticket as show in below image; Thank you

Just put the barcode number in the barcode field of product :woman_shrugging:

That’s done but I mean on Program Settings > Barcode. See below;
Here is my bar code
Barcode prefix: 30
item code: 00002
weight: 00200

I tried below parameters and none worked…

This too didn’t work

Not used weight but to me looks like your telling it the prefix for weight is the numbers in front of the item code, ie in wrong order
If prefix is 30 and length is 5 breaking apart the barcode ie making the weight 00002 and i guess the 00200 as the item code.
Try change profuct barcode to 00200 and scan that again to confirm.

Could you show the configuration that you have loaded in SambaPos of a weighable product?