BarStock Exchange - Samba integration

Now the world is beginning to return to ‘normal’ I wanted to remind everyone of our seamless integration between the BarStock Exchange and SambaPOS.

BarStock Exchange turns a bar into a stock market for an evening with drinks prices rising and falling in price every few minutes, based upon what is being sold. Live trading prices are displayed on screens around the bar and all prices are updated on your SambaPOS devices. It’s great interactive fun whilst at the same time significantly increasing sales.

There’s a cool video from a recent launch here: Phoenix Bar - This Friday for The Phoenix Drink Exchange... | By Phoenix Bar | This Friday for The Phoenix Drink Exchange we are going to have DJ Adam providing the tunes. By now you all know the how it works, keeep your eye on the...

Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss this at all, I can be reached on

Thank you