BarStock Exchange & SambaPOS launch in Arkansas

Pleased to announce that Chaps Dive Bar in Arkansas will be launching BarStock Exchange exclusively in Pulaski County.

BarStock Exchange (usually run as a weekly event) turns a bar into a stock exchange for an evening with drinks prices rising and falling based upon what customers are buying! Prices automatically change on the SambaPOS - it’s great interactive fun whilst driving sales like nothing else.

If you would like some details please email me Thank you


And we’re very excited to launch on Thursday!

Thanks again, Chris!

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Sounds frickin awesome, good luck!!!

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It’s been a month and I wanted do report back on my experience with the BarSTOCK Exchange…

Setup and Installation is very straight forward and is performed remotely for the most part. The first two weeks were pretty rocky as my facility was the first to use the Exchange alongside v 5.5. That coupled with the time difference between US/Central and the UK made timing a little difficult with the much needed additional testing and troubleshooting. Overall I’d give initial setup a 10 out of 10 considering the unforeseen challenges their team had to overcome.

Fast forward to a fully functioning setup……I couldn’t be happier! The response we’ve gotten has been far above and beyond what we expected. Patrons are more engaged and stay longer than even we expected.

The backend is easy to understand and use. Anything I couldn’t wrap my head around was quickly and clearly explained. Setting up each individual product in the Exchange is a little time consuming but that was expected and luckily it only has to be done once. There are a lot of options to keep the experience exciting and fun for the patrons and staff alike. I can’t wait to get a chance to experiment with them all.

The front end and WebTV visuals are nothing less than brilliant! A lot of time had to go into development to make it look as amazing as it does! It all flows nicely and never did I feel information overload.

One thing that was never mentioned in the sales call were the presence of apps for use by patrons and staff. You can control many aspects of the system right from you phone! And the patrons (or traders) have their very own app to keep track of pricing, set stock alerts and even order from the menu and chat with other traders!

Overall experience is A+++. If you have any interest in adding this to your venue I highly recommend just taking the plunge. You’ll find your hooked before you know it. :wink: We are looking to completely replace our happy hour with the BarSTOCK Exchange!

Thank you Chris and Stuart for all of your help this month!

Thank you Christopher, kind words and we look forward to making it a long term success for you.