Basic Automation Tutorial Video for Show Change Message [HD with Voiceover]

No luck how? show screenshots, give more info.

am i missing something? i am trying. thanks

You put the quote marks in one and not in the other… take the quotes off the constraint.

Your combining tutorials.
The show change message didnt have close ticket action in the change message rule…

Neither does the fast cash, hense why it wasn’t an issue in the tutorial.

The above should solve. Its because dispite the ask question being displayed the ticket has already been closed in the background and the ‘OK’ is tricking the system in to starting a new ticket.

took off the quotes. i removed the close ticket actions. still same result. my exact cash rule does not have this new ticket problem, it goes straight to the table screen when ticket is paid and change is owed. i checked the mappings and compared them to the fast cash buttons. they are both the same since the rule was cloned.

mapping is not a factor.

PM me a backup.

just watched the fast cash button tutorial. about 10 min in the video, after the automation commands are added for the fast cash buttons. you pay a ticket with the $10 & $5 buttons, press the close button and the new ticket appears.

Thats not because a ticket is started, its because I do not have select entity as my default ticket creation method, I do not get tables screen after closing a ticket regardless because of this, it always says new ticket, there is not actually a ticket started until you see a status state at the top.

Would have been usefull to have had a backup as it is not before you made the changes…