Basic Automation Tutorial Video for Show Change Message [HD with Voiceover]

Basic Automation Tutorial Video for Show Change Message (Ask Question)

Ideal Practice Flow for Newbies

So to follow the last video tutorial please find below a video tutorial for adding a Show Change message using Ask Question action prompt.

Brief description of Ask Question action and its fields.
Also covers little more on generic actions with ‘carried fields’.

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Basic Automation Tutorial Video for Simple Fast Cash Buttons

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Reserved for updates…

How to set thousand separator Tendered and Change Amount like this
Tendered = 100,000
Changed = 20,000

Thousands seperator or decimals?


The Seperator for thousands is already comma;

Unless maybe its down to regional settings in windows…

Thousand separator at show message due at your tutorial

You would need to use a TN() with a mask.
That’s not something I thought about in the past with messages as never felt with tickets in the 100,000s

Hiya JRT, I’ve added your “ask question” on my settlement screen and works well but, the ticket settlement screen doesn’t close after the yellow banner is removed. now I manually have to press close.

Do you have a solution for me?

Add a close ticket action where you want it.
I usually put one in the payment processed rule or rather a second payment processed rule which has constraints as below;

So if payment processed and there is no remaining amount it knows it is final payment and closes ticket.

Either that or add it in an automation command triggered by the chow change ask question (see the adding print bill tutorial - if ive uploaded that one) so pressing ok fires a seperate rule which then checks if it has a remaining total and if not closes the ticket.

Just take not it can be possible to cause a glitch where if you also have autologout enabled that you will be in POS without being logged in due to the ticket closing behind the ask question and when pressing ok it pushes it back into POS (menu) but without a user due to the auto logout. Just make sure you test after implementing.


Great tutorial. Is there a way of stopping the creation of a new ticket once you press the OK button on the change screen? I need the OK button once pressed to go to the tables screen. I have tried everything I could think of. Please help. Thanks

Ok button shouldn’t create a new ticket… It should just close the ask question. Think you must have additional automation elsewhere…

I have checked all of my rules and still cannot find the problem. the new ticket screen pops up only when i use the fast cash buttons with denominations. if i pay the ticket using the exact cash button or use the settle payment screen options, the show change screen appears, i press OK , the ticket closes, and the tables menu shows. On the other hand, if i pay the ticket using ex. $10 fast cash button, the show change screen appears, i press OK, the ticket closes, and the screen goes directly to New Ticket. I am using the “close ticket on final…” from JTRTech.

Show some screenshots;
The 10 command button, fast cash rule and show change

Have you got auto logout enabled?
If so does the user name in bottom right show as *?
I will guess that you need to delay the close to get via a background=true execute automation command action into a second rule to hold the close ticket untill after the ok on ask question.
Or more simply would be to take the close ticket action off and add a command name to the change ask question then make a new command executed rule constrained to that command name with the close ticket.

No there are no auto logout actions or rules. I need to make this as simple as possible. I will take the close ticket off. But please help with the command name new rule executed changes. Also, why is this a problem with only the fast cash buttons with the denominations?

Just ass say ‘CloseTicketCommand’ in command name of the ask question action.
Then make a new rule with constraint of command name equals ‘CloseTicketCommand’ and put close ticket in there.

Thanks for the help Will try this.

Autologout not a rule or action it’s an option in terminal settings.
There is/was a ‘bug’ that autologout with an ask question and close ticket caused anonomous login (user *) at one point.
My main system uses a custom automation flow for logging out after ticket is closed.
Not sure why you have this issue without experimenting but would have through I would have noticed if my tutorial settup had this issue.

I cannot remember which tutorail it was, but i did notice the new ticket screen firing once the ticket was paid.
i have installed the following using the tutorials:

  • fast cash buttons
  • show change message
  • loyalty points

No luck with the CloseTicketCommand.:weary: