Basic Automation Tutorial Video for Simple Fast Cash Buttons [HD with Voiceover]

I also have a button for Exact Card
Is it possible to add an or to the constraint

'[:AutomationCommandName]' != 'Exact Cash Button'

Yes, if you want to keep within a single rule you can sting together complex constraints like a formula.
|| = OR
&& = AND

From what you have said I would imagine you would want to use and && rather than or || as you would want to exclude both not either. :wink:

'[:AutomationCommandName]' != 'Exact Cash Button' && '[:AutomationCommandName]' != 'Exact Card Button'

Things can be extended also using brackets;

([:AutomationCommandName]' != 'Exact Cash Button' && TN('[:CommandValue]') > 10 ) || '[:AutomationCommandName]' != 'Exact Card Button'

This equates to;

[:AutomationCommandName] IS NOT ‘Exact Cash Button’ AND [:CommandValue] GREATER THAN 10
[:AutomationCommandName] IS NOT ‘Exact Card Button’

Meaning in my example;
£20 Cash button would work
£10 Cash button would NOT
Obviously Exact Cash or Card would obviously not work either.
While this example is probably unrealistic and if anything unnecessary as pretty sure the brackets would make no difference they are often more commonly used with == rather than != to narrow down a constraint, it demonstrates the power of action constraints.
I have had a system in that past where I had at least half a dozen values in a complex combination of &&'s and ||'s.

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@JTRTech I saw a few times in the video you were searching for specific rule event or action when creating it… I thought I would mention that you can start typing what you think it is and it will jump to it.


fyi: In your videos I noticed command value selector appears behind tendered amount dialog when you use tendered amount as a command button parameter. That will work better by .60 update.

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I tried to mix it up a bit, typing, scrolling.
I semi purposefully took longer than needed to ‘find’ the numberpad setting action

Yes the typing after dropdown to search is a good one.
I was thinking a samba tour with tips and tricks would be a good video at some point.
Where everything is and short explanations.


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Hi Joe, newbie to samba but have worked on other pod systems before, following your video, got as far as setting up the numbered buttons, is 5/10/20 and they are working but cashing off the full amount instead of the value, were am I going wrong?

The CASH button you mean?

No. Haven’t even got as far as setting up the cash button, I have set up the 5/10/20 buttons but all the buttons including the CASH button clear the full outstanding amount and not the value specified,

Ok, maybe watch video again :stuck_out_tongue:
Show the rule with that actions extended?

OK, watched it again, what am I missing ?

I did say… cant tell you what you missed without seeing what youve done :wink:

OK, my apologies for misunderstanding, I have followed video to the point were you have set up all buttons, 5/10/20 buttons should be working properly, and cash button should have no effect as we have not got to that stage. Yet all buttons are acting like cash button ie cashing off remaining amounts. So were have I gone wrong, for example , why is the 5 pound button not cashing off 5 pound the value set, but cashing of the total

You have missed something, guessing the values in the action but hard to say, use Microsoft snipping tool and take some screenshots.
Start with your automation command rule with the actions extended.

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Not sure what you mean by actions extended😂

In the rule you click the arrow on the action so it drops down the fields for the action.

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Thanks emre:slight_smile:

Trying to get to grips with the snip tool, but in the meantime . In the fast cash button rule when I extended the actions I have , paying ticket by cash,
Constraint: Blank…Tendered amount, [:Command value]…should I have more actions,

Is that a typo? Would be [:CommandValue]