Basic Automation Tutorial Video for Simple Fast Cash Buttons [HD with Voiceover]

In the rule you click the arrow on the action so it drops down the fields for the action.

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Thanks emre:slight_smile:

Trying to get to grips with the snip tool, but in the meantime . In the fast cash button rule when I extended the actions I have , paying ticket by cash,
Constraint: Blank…Tendered amount, [:Command value]…should I have more actions,

Is that a typo? Would be [:CommandValue]

Yes , sorry whatever is in the drop-down box

Yes it’s [:CommandValue]

Hmmm. odd that it would do whole ticket, never tried pay ticket action without giving it a value so not sure…
Need some screenshots to better understand.
The tutorial definatly works, you can see in the video.
Unless you have something else interfering or gone wrong somewhere.

so a 10.00 ticket gets completely paid if you press 5 button?

Have virtually memorized the video watched it that many times, and I have set values, 5 for the 5 pound button , 10 for the 10 pound button. Etc, in the values section at …ie…automation commands>general settings> Values: … and even though I haven’t configured the exact cash button yet, it also clears the full amount

Do you have any other rules with a pay ticket action?

If you want to PM me a backup I will take a look quick and tell you the problem but is better to solve publicly with screenshots for the good of other people.

Just wondering, using v5 trial , with no database ,do you think this would make a difference?

:flushed:OK, feeling silly , it just wasn’t showing change, possibly cause I haven’t gone that far, ie ticket total 4.00 so if I hit 5 it just said charged 3.00…

So sorted?..

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Looks like it, really appreciate it, also followed your change tutorial and it’s working 100%:grinning:

OK, another quick question: my colleague is testing v4. With a multiple terminal setup, (I think this may have been covered elsewhere, but can’t seem to find it) now … we have the two terminal set up in quick order layout, logged in under different user ID s , but both seem to be applying items to the same thicket at the same time?

not sure exactly what you mean?
multi terminal a 2nd terminal wouldnt be able to start the same ticket at the same time?

I thought that, we ve done something wrong,
One last thing , I have implemented the change feature according to your video, very good, is there anyway to automatically close the ticket , let’s say when you press the OK button

I often use the close ticket option built in which is either ticket or department option if I remember right, maybe terminal.
Or build a close ticket action into the flow.
Last setup I used a custom close ticket and logout command rule for increased control but built on option generally fits most purposes.

I have get same problem, when combine show change due after that ticket not close, but if i settle at payment screen it will close ticket after show change . So i remove automation command button value, make 1 rule for 1 type of fast payment.