Basic kitchen display with no table setup?

i have removed tables so my department goes restaurant creat ticket.
need basic kitchen display for this so food items show up and when ready u can press ready and it goes away on kitchen display or rdp tablet.
there is few setup is there any import file to do this ? if not recomendation on best tutorial to follow there is a few on here.thx
my database is plain vanilla
mods i have
item discount input amount
to go or dine in button
abort transactions.

Kitchen Display requires you to have an Entity of some type. This is so you can create the Custom Entity Screen that contains the Kitchen Display.

The Entity can be anything you want to call it: tables, customers, employees, dummy, KDisplay, OrderViewer, etc. But you will need at least 1 Entity.

It is still ok to leave your Department set to Create Ticket Mode - having entities will not affect that. In fact, many people use Create Ticket method and still have many Entity Types such as those mentioned above.

once i creat an entity which i will do so now ill search tutorial and figure it out ,there is few kitchen tutorials which one do u recomend .

One of the most complete one.