Basic Price Change Report

Easy tutorial on how to add a basic list of price changes to your reports to track down fraud. When you’re done with this tutorial, you’ll be able to see the following (ignore DNOTPRINTED, it’s part of the Kitchen Display):


-Modified Step 1 to change the state color to red
-Modified Step 3 to add action to existing Default Change Price Rule instead of creating a new rule

1. Create Order State (Settings > States > Add State)
Don’t forget to click on Save after you’re done inputting values.


2. Create Action (Automation > Action > Add Action)

3. Edit Default Change Price Rule (Automation > Rules > Default Change Price Rule)
Add the Action you just created to this existing rule with the parameters shown in the picture below.


4. Add to Report (Reports > Reports > choose a report to add the code to)
Add the code below to your a report of your choice. In my case, I added it to my Void and Gift Report.

   [Price Change Details: 1,3,2,1,3,2,1]
   {REPORT ORDER DETAILS:T.TicketNumber,O.User,O.Time,OSV.PCStatus,O.MenuItemName,O.Quantity,O.TotalPrice:(OS.PCStatus=Price Change)}


hello, i add this function to my samba but i did something wrong because when i change the price of any product its desapear from the bill, i tried erasing everithing but still not work, could somebody help me?

here its normal

but when i change the price this is what its happlen

the balance state not shows the amount of the product that i change the price

Can you show your automation you used?

When did you implement this tutorial? I updated the automation recently from creating a new rule that used the Update Order Action to modifying the existing Default Change Price Rule.

If you used the older tutorial, go to the associated Price Change Rule and check the parameters for Update Order Action to make sure the Calculate Price field is defined as True.


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thanks you very much, i did not add this action now its working exelent!

Update to the original post (Forum won’t let me edit my original post anymore)

I recommend replacing O.User with OSU.GStatus in the report. This is because O.User will show the user who created the order instead of the user that made the Price Change.