Basic Ticket Template Questions - {ORDER TAGS} and wrap command line

Brain fade folks :confused:
Why do we have {ORDER TAG} listed twice?

OK, I get maybe we list it a second time to define how TAGS are listed for [ORDERS:Gift] - but why is it then not repeated for [ORDERS:Void] or [ORDERS:Refund]?

Also they still reference the same format below? So why not just list {ORDERS TAG} once under [ORDERS]?

-- Format for order tags

So here is the original discussion just to save listing a link or 2:
Printing Tutorial in Detail:

I think most people just accept the template…

How do you wrap a command line?
I have a very long line inside “[ ]” brackets, even for my 27" monitor, so just want to display this in 2-3 lines.

Never paid attention to that but is fair question, presume a VOID or REFUNDED order would be printed without order tags…
Adding {ORDER TAGS} to void would probably help kitchen distinguish which order is being voided when multiple orders of same product are on the ticket.

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You can make any layout you want. So it really doesn’t matter. Make one your happy with.

Thanks JTRTech as @QMcKay has “sanctioned” this reply I assume it is the correct one.
That makes sense.

Anyone know how to wrap a command line in Custom Report Builder?

@JTRTech you are quite correct old 'Pal. I tested it and basically {ORDER TAGS} is required for any section or Sub Section required to print. I will wait for an answer to wrapping command text lines before “ticking” solution.