Basic user can void a transaction, how can i prevent this

Hi all Forumers

I have set up a basic user role on my sambapos v5 system, my thoughts are that a basic user should not be allowed to void line items once the ticket has been closed and printed, but somehow they can this poses a threat to stock control and possible theft. is there a way i can resolve this? I am have unchecked all possible permissions but still they can void.

I hope someone out there can assist.

The void button is an “Automation Command Button”

Go and find the Void button in your list of Automation Command Buttons and from there you have a couple of options…

  • You can change the “Confirmation” to “Admin PIN” (This will allow a admin/manager to come over and enter their PIN to quickly authorise the void)
  • You can change the mapping, so the button is only visible to a particular type of user


FYI, I made the decision to allow everyone to void an order, but whenever an order is printed without full payment made I add a very large message on the ticket “THIS IS NOT AN INVOICE” and “NO PAYMENT MADE” - So any customers wouldn’t be tricked in to thinking the cashier has run everything through the till correctly.


Awesome thank you - your advice worked a treat