Batch Entity Editor V4

Possible to add Customers or Product via Batch entity Editor in Version 4? From a txt file or csv file it must be possible. Can someone give me an advice?
For exemple:
#Customers, phone, street, city

Thanks in advance for your precious advice.

I’m not sure. V4 is quite old and you should be using v5.

what do you do with Batch Entity Editor from V4? Just add name of entity?

I am sorry but I really don’t remember. It’s been almost 3 years ago that I used v4

I don’t remember for certain either, but I don’t think V4 supported more than the Entity Name in the Batch Create. So it would not be able to populate Custom Data fields like the Batch Create in V5 can do.

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Batch entity editor is for editing entities not creating in bulk.
Was there not a bulk create option in V4 then…

You are correct @JTRTech. The terminology being used here is incorrect.

Batch Creation and Batch Editing are 2 different things.

From the description given in the OP, it seems we are really talking about the Batch Create.

I’m not sure if that was in v4.