Batch Product Overwrite YAML

Is it possible to overwrite/update existing products using the ‘Batch Create Products’

Basically I have an excel file with all products and convert this to yaml and do Batch Create Products

When I receive new excel files from my suppliers with updated prices and I want to update any existing product prices and create any new products.

Backup then try it and see if it works. I have not tried this.

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Sorry I should have been clearer. I did try this, it just ignores any products that are already there. What I"m wondering is if there is a command or specific YAML format that can force it to overwrite existing products vs skipping them

I thought the YAML is broken at the moment? or has it been fixed?


Yaml was never broken you must be referring to the post about the data export for products. That was fixed.

my apologies. My bad! :slight_smile:
I should pay attention!

I would love this feature. Did you find a solution?