Best SQL Server Express version for SambaPOS V5


I just finished making a clean install of Windows 10 Home on a Kangaroo mini-PC. I tested before and SambaPOS V5 works well in these PCs.

My question is: What is the best SQL Server Express I can install for SambaPOS V5?

2012? 2014? 2016?

I have 2014 on mine but that’s only because 2016 only just out and not upgraded yet, kendash and Q have I believe and not heard any reason not to just go straight in with 2016

2016 is still in pre-release phase, 180 trial version…
For a fully productive sql I would go with 2014… very good so far…



I am running 2016 in Dev (my laptop) and it is working great. The best thing about it is the newer JSON functions which should prove very useful when used with SambaPOS.

Over time, I upgraded my systems from 2008 to 2012 to 2014 and now 2016. Though I have not put 2016 into Prod, yet.

If I were doing a brand new fresh install, I would probably just go straight to 2016 and not bother with all the other downloads.

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I don’t think Samba utilizes SQL to the extent that there are likely to be any issues…

Where are you seeing this? Everything I have read its fully released. directly from microsoft and its not mentioned anywhere that it is a pre-release.

I recommend SQL express 2016.



When I searched for SQL 2016, I found this:

that is why I asumed it was still in pre…