Between the samba POS and SQLEXPRESS Server which one must be install first

I want to install samba pos V5 server and client terminal, but doesn’t know the correct step to take to install this. I’ll be more than grateful if anyone can help. Thank you.

Hey buddy. Would highly recommend to start with the following.

  1. Install SQL on server terminal.(follow tutorial to do this)
  2. Install sambapos on server terminal.
  3. Configure sambapos to connect to SQL database
  4. If you have multiple client terminals, ensure to configure your firewall to have client access to database.
  5. Install sambapos on all client terminals
  6. Configure sambapos to connect to SQL server.
    And that’s pretty much it.

This was a break down of the typical steps I’d usually take when installing sambapos on server and client terminals.

Most information on setup can be found in tutorials section of forum… Hope I’ve been helpful.


Installation order itself is erelivent as samba doesn’t default to use SQL Express even if already installed you need to setup the connection string. So there does obviously need to be SQL Express available at that point of the setup.
So long as you configure SQL and connection string before you start setting up products etc it doesn’t really matter and save any potential confusion which might arise if you began adding products etc then needing to transfer/backup&restore into SQL after changing connection string

Thank you very much for your explanation to my question. And will like to know is also possible to configure the server to allow only a limited number of client terminal to connect to the database?

Your help is very much appreciated , but I can not find the tutorial on how to install the SQL on the server terminal.

Kindly help with the link. Thank you.

I recommend version SQL Express 2016 however. The installation instructions will be the same.


The connection will be secured by the SQL credentials (or windows but recommend the SQL).

You could probably restrict to specific IP addresses also if required.

Not sure about number of connections, but as it is secured only terminals configured to connect will have access.
Maybe if you explain the reason why you wish to set a number?