Birthday Discount Not Working

i followed this tutorial Birthday discount or specific category promotion on special day?

But its not working. Please see this if i am doing right:-

First i create account name

Then i create Transaction Type

Then i created Calculation Type for Birthday

Then i created Birthday Field in Customer Entity

Next i created Action

Finally This Rule

When i select the customer with todays date to test, it doesnt add birthday discount.

What am i doing wrong ?

Pretty sure equals like that is not valid. Rule constraints use == or != And/or would guess your two values in constraint don’t match.
Also if rule is just for that I would put as rule constraint else you refreshing every total change for no reason.
Use show message to display the two sides of your constraint and make sure they are formatted as expected. Chances are your field and returned date are not in similar format. Pretty sure TN() on date would result in something odd.

I have tried few methods not working though. Can you help fix it ?

Also, how is birthdate including year ever meant to match todays date?

Look at happy hour setup on forum.
Make two rule constraints one for day of week and one for month and use the date format expression to output the day and month on their own.

Look at the under21 check rickh made it has a birthday constraint.

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