Birthday discount or specific category promotion on special day?


Its my first post, and i want to say, what a great POS system :smile:
i noticed that we can add custom field on our customer entity.
what should i do if i want to add birthday promotion for my customer? let say, 10% discount if today is his/her birthday.
another question is what if i want to add a special day promotion, let say, on mothers day i will give 10% discount only for beverages. is this possible?
can those two kind of different promotion overlaps one another?


Yes those should be doable!!

Customer Birthday

  1. Create a calculation for 10% off
  2. Create an action for that calculation
  3. Add a birthday field on your customer entities
  4. Create a ticket total changed rule, add the calculation action, add a refresh ticket action and set a constraint for {ENTITY DATA:Customer:Birthday} equals {DATE}

That will check if the current date matches the date of the customers birthday then it will run the rule and apply the discount. For it to work you have to have the customer already loaded to the ticket so it knows what customer to check

You must set the Customer and Birthday exactly as you have them, it is case sensitive so they both must match exactly as you have then typed in your entity

Do the same for special day promotion but instead of putting the customer entity equals {DATE} try just putting the date of the special day instead equals {DATE}

Then set mapping to your beverage group and it will only work on beverages

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Rick has the solution.
If I were to log birthdays on customers I would personally setup some sort of obvious way to notify the staff at the till.
Say that when entity customer is selected a rule with constraint that checks date similar to above which fires as action of say popup or ask question prompt saying it’s customers birthday.
My thought is a returning customer can be wished a happy birthday early in being served and before they start to order products :slight_smile:


Hello RickH,

Sorry for late reply, i have tried your solution but it didn’t work, here’s some screenshot, am i missing something?

  1. my birthday action

  2. refresh ticket action

  3. birthday calculation

  4. birthday rules

5 here’s my {ENTITY DATA:Member Cards:Birthday} || {DATE}

Instead of using a variable for the value try setting 10 in the actual calculation in the tate or amount field. Then remove the action from the rule, save it, close all open rule tabs and log out. Log back in and add the action back to the rule and see if that works

So your entity data is not matching… you have extra data there.

05/11/2015 00:00:00 does not equal 5/11/2015

There is nothing wrong with the action using a variable its simply evaluating to Not True. Simply put the constraint is not evaluating correctly. Where are you getting your data for the Custom Field? What is the 00:00:00 for?

You might try this in the constraint:

[=TN('{ENTITY DATA:Member Cards:Birthday}')] Equals [=TN('{DATE}')]

That was my next point, should have been my first lol :slight_smile:

FD (format date) function might work too. For usage samples you can check Expressions and Examples sections of this tutorial.