Bizarre bug with Mobile Client

Hi everyone,

yesterday during the setup and quality check I found the most bizarre bug with products on Mobile Client.

  • This phone was never used on any other database
  • It is the first time they are using mobile client

When opening category Coffee & Tea I found a strange product.


This product is not listed under the menu on the POS

Whats really interesting is that it doesnt even exist under products.

What solved the issue was cloning the menu and renaming the categories to Coffee.

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You may have changed the title in the Product properties area.

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That was one of the first things I looked at but there are no headers changed.

Also there are different number of products between the two.
Expect some sort of cashing issue.

They are split into Submenus but on the phone it doesn’t show Submenus which is fine

I mean, I solved the issue but it’s really weird

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