Blank Ticket Issues


New version of Android APK will be released next week for these issues. I will inform forum and resellers.


For your information, here is some tickets from yesterday that is also zero, and I have personally watched and monitored what was going on on the floor the whole time:

As you can see, viewing the ticket list, some tickets have Zero Total

When you open the ticket details it is blank but indicates PAID:


I have a new theory that may lead to a possible answer:

Is it possible that tickets are blanked if the tickets are moved to new tables?
As in this case the tickets for some of those tables were for a tour group (bus with lot’s of foreign visitors) and it was moved to one table in order for the tour guide to pay only one bill.

Hope this makes sense?


Merging tickets causes blank tickets.
Both tickets are merged into a new one.
If this were the case a blank ticket from merge or moved orders etc would show as paid after closing as there would be remaining amount of 0 so samba would mark as paid and closed.


Yes merging to new table will cause that. This is why it is important to explain all aspects of the potential problem because we have no way to know otherwise.


I fully understand you want ALL ASPECTS of the problem Kendash, but I only told you what I noticed hoping for some experienced feedback, it took me 8 hours worth of practical observation to notice that these blank tickets usually only occur with certain clients and to those tickets that was merged and moved. But at least now someone else reading this will learn the answer from my experience.

Thanks everyone for your feedback and answers, as these also led me to other solutions.