Block an entity until the account of another entity is paid


a big greeting to all

Is there a way to block an entity until the account of another entity is paid?

thank you very much for your support erme sambapos the maximum


Why do you want to do that? Explain the use case scenario and we can give more accurate advice. Short answer is no, long answer is maybe with automation.


Thank you for answering kendash, your always very kind

It is a whim of mine

1. First

2. Second

  1. until table B12 the order is paid

4._ unlock table B19_

This is to have more control with my tables, only I can not find an action that blocks an entity

Very grateful for your help


You specified entity account previously…
There is a potential way of doing this… I disable entity rooms on my screen with PMS intergration for rooms that are empty.
Don’t have a link to it but it’s likely in the newbook PMS topic - it’s long so may take some finding.


thank you very much! :RE