Block and printer issues

Hello. I set up my samba. There is something that I dont understand. I would like that when I fill the foods, I want to print my block, it prints my block (with foods what goes to the kitchen) and the bill (what the customers get). I want that it prints 2 block what includes the block that goes to the kitchen with the requested foods and the other what stays there in the counter to complete for example the drinks and the other things. And when They want to pay just click on the paying and get the money. But now I get a block and the bill. How can I do this with one printer?

Not clearest explanation but sounds like you want a kitchen print, a bar print and receipt via same printer.
Just create multiple print jobs with corresponding mappings and use the same printer name.
If adding a new print job you will also need to create an execute print job action and add in appropriate rule.
FYI kitchen print uses new status to only print order once, so copy fields for action from kitchen print job, it is in before ticket closing rule, when you add make sure to sort actions so your print actions are together before the status update actions that change new to submitted.

It’s a little hard to understand to me because im a beginner of this software. Can’t you show me for example on pictures for examples?

I think it would be best if you show us some pictures and examples. Your question was really hard to understand. What is a block?

Printing setups are well documented on the forum, would just be repeating already said stuff.