Block Settle based on Ticket Tag


I have coupe of items which are served for dine-in only. I have setup an Ticket Tag to identify the order type (Dine In or Take Away)

Question is whether i can block the settle screen if Take Away is selected from Ticket Tag and the Item is only for Dine In

Put a Custom Constraint on your Settle Rule for {TICKET TAG:NameOfYourTicketTag} Not Equals Take Away

So if your ticket tag is StayGo for example it would look like

{TICKET TAG:SayGo} Not Equals Take Away

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Thank you for the help.However i need this condition to be met only on a select product group.

Wouldn’t it have been helpful to say that from the beginning? Anyway you can do the same thing but use custom product tags and type TAG:X printer tag.

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