BMP logo prints in Pieces

I’ve been using cheap Chinese printers in my food truck. No problems and they run great. I’ve had problems with an expensive Starr printer.

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The ones I have like these are very fast, even image prints super fast from samba. Cutter, multi port, bleep function, great price, what more can you ask for.

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On ebay these ones are good, I’ve used a few myself, fast and reliable…

I believe this is the same as the one @Jesse uses


Thanks ill have a look at these :slight_smile:

Yes I use those. They are spill resistant too


hmmm interesting… haven’t seen that mentioned anywhere, is that if you mount them on the wall? If you spilled water on them it could go into the paper slot.

It’s the buttons. Really.

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I don’t think there’s any that stops it at paper.

I don’t ever use the buttons though. Lol

They are really good printers. Fast and easy to open.

They do have the ridges that stop liquid from running in it.and buttons are resistant.

True, if the spill was not directly over the paper slot.

Only reason I mentioned is because usually any “spill resistant” printers has some sort of cover over the paper slot, given that’s the most vulnerable part. Was wondering if yours came with some additional part.

No mine was branded hillpow and they advertised the spill resistance. Not why I bought it though. I think really it’s just grease resistant buttons and they advertised it wrong.

Those were the ones I got sent in error, had issues with jamming on a couple when got first few.

They are made by HOIN, product number HOP-E801

Yep that’s same printer mine just says Hillpow lol

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